Market news about property development in Aurora, Newmarket , Richmond hill, And Vaughan

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B.C new property tax impacts on real estate market

Since August 2nd, 2016 foreigners who buy residential property in the Metro Vancouver area have to pay an additional 15% property transfer tax. It is  part of a B.C. government plan to cool down real estate market in Vancouver. Some experts believe that it will shift the foreign buyer to other parts of B.C like Victoria or even to Toronto or Ottawa. Toronto real estate market is the second hot market in Canada, the average home price for some areas like Richmond Hill is above 1 million dollar.

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Real Estate Market Growth in Canada

Canadian Average Monthly Home Prices 1980 to 2012 (Chart 1.1) (CNW Group/Royal LePage Real Estate Services)

How Far Will the Real Estate Market Grow in Canada

People constantly ask me this question is going to go higher than what it is right now ? how is Real Estate Market Growth in Canada is going to be in future and I always answer with some simple economic indication that has a huge impact in Real Estate Market Growth in Canada.

Real Estate Market Growth in Canada

If you’ve been keeping up with Canada’s real estate news, then you know that the market is very hot right now, and there has been a huge growth in home value and development across the country. But as an investor or potential home buyer you’re probably thinking – how far will the real estate market grow? While there’s no 100% certain way of telling how much further the market can go, these are some major factors that will influence the real estate market in Canada this year. Read more

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Top Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Buying a House

When it comes to big decisions like buying a home, you need to really take the time to think about what you’re doing, and take deliberate, planned steps from start to finish. Houses provide a sense of ownership and free you from the pains of renting, but it’s a huge monetary investment, and there’s also the hassle of moving and upkeep to consider. While you could simply ‘bide your time’ with a rental and wait for the lease to be up, buying a home has a level of moderate permanence that needs to be considered as well. Read more

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Secret Sales Data from Real Estate Brokers

Following a ruling against Toronto’s Real Estate Board (TREB), the coveted sales data that real estate agents in Toronto have been using in secret is likely being released to the public.

The Competition Tribunal decided in favor for Canada’s Competition Bureau, which had filed a long-standing complaint against TREB, stating that competition in the market was being impacted because of the limited access to home sales data. Read more


Is real estate in Aurora profitable?

Real Estate in Aurora

When you’re looking to make an investment, particularly in real estate, you want to know that you’re making a smart move that will get you good returns. And that’s perfectly natural! That’s why it’s so important to do your research, and get to know the area where you’re investing and buying real estate.

While some parts of the country’s real estate markets are slumping, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area’s markets are doing really well. One area, in particular, that’s seen consistent growth and return on investment is Aurora. Read more


How is Richmond Hill and its real estate market growing?

Market news about Richmond hill real estate

In some areas of Canada, like the oil-economy cities of Edmonton, Calgary, and Regina, the real estate market is a bit rocky right now. But that’s not the case for Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Overall, the Richmond Hill real estate market is growing steady, as is the entire Greater Toronto Area. That’s not to say that Canada’s real estate market overall. Across the county, there has been an average 3% increase in property values, which isn’t bad. But when you look at the numbers for the area, you’ll see the different.

Recent figures show that Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area are expecting to see a 5.7% to 17% increase in property values this year. So give you a sense of how quickly Richmond Hill’s real estate market is growing, it’s doubling the average increase across Canada. Read more


Is better to rent or buy a home in New Market?

Buy a home in New Market ? Can I afford it ? Should I rent it ?

When it comes to living arrangements and investments, regardless of what you’re doing, you’ve got to make sure you’re making smart decisions financially. One of the big decisions for anyone is – should I rent or should I buy? And that is a perfectly reasonable question.

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buy real estate in New Market

Is it profitable to buy real estate in New Market?

buy real estate in New Market

Like with any purchase, if you’re buying something – particularly a large purchase – you want to know that you’re doing something that will be profitable. Everyone has those thoughts, and that’s totally natural. So if you’re thinking about buying real estate in New Market, you’re probably thinking to yourself – will this be profitable?

The short answer is yes. But let’s get into some more detail on why. Read more


How is the real estate market in Richmond Hill?

How is the real estate market in Richmond Hill?

The short answer is that the real estate market in Richmond Hill is doing fantastic. But let’s expand on that a bit further.

All across Canada the real estate market has seen an uptick, with an average of 3% in property value increase annually across the country. But when it comes to the Greater Toronto Area and Richmond Hill, the numbers are even better and brighter. Read more