Selling a Property

The process

Selling a home is no longer as simple as planting a sign and waiting for the buyer to pour in. It involves preparation, timing, strategic planning and extensive marketing. Meanwhile, selling or purchasing a home is probably the largest financial transaction most of us ever get involved in. Most people are not familiar with the process of such transaction, and don’t know how to choose a Realtor, or whether to hire one in the first place. If you are contemplating such decision, you have to expect that a good Realtor will assist you in this difficult process by determining

  1. What is the suitable price? This is not just about how much we like to sell our property, but various other element such as the market condition should be factored in.
  2. What facts and figures should you reveal?
  3. What are my legal obligations?
  4. What paperwork am I required to complete?
  5. Am I protected by the contracts?
  6. How to evaluate an offer and what other steps do I take afterwards?

The Realtor

For most sellers, the decision to hire a realtor is not determined by concrete formulas or the mere number of properties the realtor has sold in the past. Rather, the decision is a personal one, guided by trust and of course professional performance .

When interviewing perspective realtors, you should ask them any question that you think would be helpful in making your decision. These questions could be personal, professional or rather an evaluation of the realtor’s knowledge. The purpose of an interview is to learn about the realtor’s personality, manner and characteristics, allowing you to gain a better understating of  their reasons for working with you. Your goal is to determine if the Realtor is strictly motivated by financial reasons, or are they genuinely interested in helping you with your real estate needs?

You must be happy with the Realtor. Your personal relationship and ability to freely communicate is vital to achieving the final success. A good realtor would initiate the communication and bring his/her recommendation even before you have asked for it. The “good” realtor should be by your side at all times, attending to your needs and easing the pressure on you. You should never feel pressured. The realtor works for you, not vice versa .

A good Realtor should do his/her utmost to ensure the sale of your house, from minor modifications to the listing to decorating the house.These efforts should be all aimed at selling you house as fast as possible and with the price that you decide.

Never choose a realtor according to the selling price that he/she offers . If the house is overpriced, no one can sell it. It is not a Realtor who determines the price it is simply the market. By over-pricing your property, not only are you helping the other listings in the area sell faster, but also when you end-up reducing it later on, prospective buyers will assume that you are always open to reducing the price further.

You don’t need to list your property with the busiest most reputable realtor in the city, you need someone who is proactive and efficient in marketing your home, and has the commitment to you and not to his/her commission. It is definitely an asset to have a highly renowned realtor by your side, but that is if they have the time to actually be by your side, and not just send another unknown agent to represent them.

Together with Farah you will find the best price for your home, the essential “touch-ups” and she will advise you how to present your home and obtain the best selling price. She will guide you in the negotiation process and work hard to get you the best deal.